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"Slow Down" Signs for your lawn?

Update! Apparently the member motion has been withdrawn.

Councillor Castro Liu is bringing forward a Member Motion about "Slow Down" signs at the May 11th Richmond Hill Council meeting.

The "Slow Down" lawn signs are meant to remind the public to slow down and to be aware of their speeds in neighbourhoods.

According to the motion the current Sign By-law "slow down" signs are not allowed on boulevards or private lawns.

Residents reported receiving emails on May 9th from Councillor Perrelli and in some cases followed closely by one from Councillor Beros both promoting "slow down" signs and encouraging residents to submit their info to get one put on their lawn.

Since our tax dollars are being used for these signs and it is for public safety why not use a generic "slow down" sign with no commercial or other messages like the one below distributed by Councillor Liu to ward 3 residents in June 2021? Assuming of course that the sign by-law will be amended to allow the signs on private lawns.


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