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Top 10 CAG Posts of 2020

As 2020 draws to a close we would like to thank all CAG followers for being engaged Richmond Hill voters and for their interest in municipal politics.

In 2021 CAG will continue to engage, educate and increase citizen awareness of the policies, actions and impact of Richmond Hill’s City Council.

Happy New Year!

Below are the 10 CAG website posts with the most views in 2020.

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a hancey
a hancey
Jan 08, 2021

abc always be closing .integrity of our core values seems to have a cold ,sure hope there is a cure for teacher strikes let alone the weakest links in our /your politicians.

the circus or join the band.their messaging is better than hitlers propaganda

good work ?


a hancey
a hancey
Jan 04, 2021

the head count drives their salaries

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