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UPDATE: RH Council passed motion to permanently make council meeting times at 9:30am!

It’s official going forward there will be biweekly Council meetings at 9:30am and there will no longer be any Committee of the Whole meetings.

Albeit there were resident delegations and emails imploring Council to make the meetings in the evening instead of at 9:30am it fell on deaf ears. DiPaola, Perelli, Muench, Liu and Beros voted to keep the 9:30am meetings.

Councillor DiPaola felt that residents misunderstood his motion that it was only about having biweekly COW and Council meetings it was not about meeting times.

Councillor DiPaola clearly misunderstood that it was the meeting times to which residents objected just like they did back in Feb 2019 when he brought the motion forward to change the meeting times!

The key issue with this motion is that it ALSO makes the 9:30am meeting time pilot permanent until the end of the term and that residents opposed!


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