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Update RH Council Q2 Expenses

There has been no response or acknowledgement from City Treasurer David Dexter to the email sent on October 6th regarding councillor expenses. Will continue to follow up.

The following questions have been sent to the Richmond Hill Director of Financial Services regarding the Q2 expenses. Let’s see if we get a response.

Update: Councillor Perrelli (CP) provided the responses in Italics below.

Who reviews all expenses to determine whether they are eligible expenses? CP The treasurer, Mr. Dexter is the person entrusted to ensure compliance with the policy.

Why does Mayor Barrow only have 2 expenditures in 6 months?

What event did Councillor Muench attend with ticket costs over $1000?

Councillor Cilevitz spent over $6400 on sponsorships and charity donations. Which events and charities did she sponsor?

Councillor Perrelli spent $6000 on postage what was mailed and how many pieces? CP The $6000 for postage was my newsletter mailed out to @65000 homes

What did Councillor Perrelli purchase in Books, Magazines etc. category that cost over $600? CP The books and magazine expense was not allocated properly by staff. They should have been meal expenses.

Councillor DiPaola sent out a glossy newsletter– just like Councillor Perrelli- but he has no postage costs? How did he have the flyers delivered?

Councillor DiPaola spent over $1000 at St. Georges Golf course meeting with business representatives? o Who did he meet with and what did they discuss? o Why did he spend over $1000 at the golf course that is not in York Region? o Was there not a cheaper alternative for meeting with business representatives?

Councillor DiPaola spent over $100 on office supplies at Shoppers Drug Mart what office supplies did he purchase there?

Councillor DiPaola spent over $3400 at 30 restaurants meetings with councillors and business representatives. Who did he meet with?

Councillor DiPaola spent over $650 on meeting at restaurants with Councillors and Councillor Perrelli also spent over $400 on restaurant meetings with Councillors. o Did they clearly disclose to the Town Clerk what RH business was discussed at these meetings per section 3 of the Member of Council Expense Policy? o Why did these meetings not take place at their council offices?

Councillor Chan spent over $1600 on office supplies what did he buy and where did he buy it?


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