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Updated March 15: Candidates for Ward 4 Council Office Vacancy

The final list of applicants for the Richmond Hill Ward 4 council vacancy has been posted on the City website. There are 27 applicants in total.

Council will vote to appoint a candidate during a Special Council Meeting to be held on Tuesday March 22, 2022 beginning at 9:30 a.m.

access the Livestream here

Delegations from the public (other than the nominees) may be heard. Delegations must register by 12:00 p.m. on Monday March 21st. The speaking time for each delegations shall not exceed more than five (5) minutes.

Selection Process

  • The Special Council meeting will be conducted as a Hybrid in-person/electronic meeting. Applicants will have the option of choosing to give their presentation electronically or in-person.

  • At the meeting, each candidate will have up to 10 minutes to address Council.

  • Each Member of Council will be permitted one question to each candidate.

  • As required by the Council-approved Procedures to Appoint an Individual to Fill a Vacancy, the speaking order will be chosen by lot prior to the meeting.

  • If the nominee receiving the greatest number of votes cast does not receive more than one-half the votes of all voting members of Council present and voting, the nominee or nominees who received the fewest number of votes shall be excluded from further consideration

  • the vote will be taken again by the Clerk and, if necessary, more than once, excluding in each successive round of vote the nominee or nominees who receive the fewest number of votes.

  • This process shall be repeated until the nominee receiving the greatest number of votes has also received more than one-half of the votes of the voting members of Council;

  • Where the votes cast are equal for all the nominees and if:

  • 1. There are three or more nominees remaining, the Clerk shall by Lot select one such nominee to be excluded from the subsequent voting;

  • 2. Only two nominees remain, the tie shall be broken by selecting a nominee by lot, as conducted by the Clerk.

  • The successful candidate will be appointed following a majority vote of Council, as outlined in the Procedures.

Richmond Hill Ward 4 Council Vacancy Applicants

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