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Your Words Matter! Richmond Hill resident speaks up about 'tarnished' Volunteer awards gala

2020 Volunteer Awards Gala and Councillor's abysmal lack of consideration, respect and professionalism

Councillor Tom Muench unprepared and in his car when he was scheduled to be presenting a Richmond Hill resident with an award at the 2020 Richmond Hill Volunteer Awards Gala.
Councillor Tom Muench in his car and unprepared

The Volunteer Awards Gala highlights video has been posted. It focuses on the volunteers and their many accomplishments as it should.

Your Words!

Thank you very much for hosting this important annual community event; recognizing our outstanding Volunteers is essential in improving and sustaining our exemplary Volunteer Organization, to the ongoing benefit of our great City of Richmond Hill.

My husband and I were both invited to attend the virtual 56th Volunteer Awards Gala on Tues. April 20th. The Richmond Hill staff put together a beautiful virtual Gala, and kudos to all who helped organize this important event recognizing those who have consistently put our community first.

HOWEVER, in our view, the evening was inexcusably tarnished by the antics of Councillor Muench. Incredibly, at a time where all others are recognizing the hard work, selflessness and professionalism of our Volunteers, this person showed total disrespect and disregard for the two award recipients he was supposed to (and previously scheduled to) introduce!!!

We felt very shocked and embarrassed for the recipients and for the MC who, without any considerate advance warning notice from Councillor Muench, had to jump in and take over on his behalf.

Why did Councillor Muench even bother to sign on into the program if he was driving in his vehicle, not appropriately dressed for this important occasion, and didn’t even have his speaking notes with him??

Furthermore, why did he continue to show his smirking face through the whole presentation, which served no purpose, was an embarrassing distraction, and remained as an ongoing visual display of his contempt and thoughtlessness in his duty as Councillor? Appalling!!

Subsequent discussions with our friends and neighbours who watched this grotesque display, were also dismayed, and all agree wholeheartedly with this assessment.

Councillor Muench needs to make a public apology to the award recipients, and to the staff organizers, the guest speakers, MC’s and the general public who witnessed this distasteful display of total indifference and disgusting arrogance.

We expect that appropriate and timely action by both the Office of the Mayor of the City of Richmond Hill, and by Councillor Muench himself, will be taken with respect to Councillor Muench’s abysmal lack of consideration, respect and professionalism, in the position of Councillor.


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I’ve been saying all along that Muench abuses RH constituents; here’s proof writ large.

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