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What can RH residents do if they responded to Councillor Perrelli’s survey?

After reading the recent article regarding Councillor Perrelli’s survey many RH residents who completed the survey were concerned about how their personal information and responses are going to be used and asked what they could do about it.

Mike Gurski who was interviewed by Sheila Wang for this story shared his suggestions below:

  1. Ask for the information back

  2. Ask for a sworn affidavit that your data has been deleted from any database associated with this Nov. 2019 survey: that your name, address, phone numbers, email address be deleted from any and all databases that have gained that information from this survey.

  3. Ask that the responses you gave to the questions also be deleted

  4. And finally, ask that if any analysis was done using your data prior to your direction to have said data removed and that the affidavit confirms that no analysis is used if your data remains in any database directly or indirectly connected with this survey.

If you request a sworn affidavit (under oath to a lawyer or justice of the peace) from Councillor Perrelli and don’t receive it then it would be something to raise at council, to write to, copy all councillors and submit a complaint to the Provincial Integrity Commissioner and ask for their help to get your data back.


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