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What has happened to Honesty and Integrity?

Questionable financial dealings, trespassing and abusive conduct

Two Richmond Hill Councillors have been in the news and it wasn't good news! One for trespassing on a resident's property and another one with questionable financial dealings.

Two Richmond Hill Councillors were in the news last week and it wasn't good news!  One for trespassing on a resident's property and another one with questionable financial dealings.
RH Councillors Greg Beros and Tom Muench

Richmond Hill residents! Is this the caliber of elected official that you want representing you and making decisions on your behalf?

These same two Councillors have a disturbing history of questionable activity while on Richmond Hill Council. Read on!

Ward 1 Councillor Greg Beros

  • According to a story published on August 28th Councillor Beros sold his Oak Ridges home 3 months before declaring bankruptcy owing creditors over $900,000 and then a few years later somehow got his house back at $0 and then sold his house a few years after that for over $1.3 million. He now owns a home in Exeter and a condo in Richmond Hill.

  • This is the same Councillor who has had his election campaign finances audited in 2015 when he "may have breached the Municipal Act when he used public funds to mail a flyer during a time period when candidates were forbidden to do so" and again in 2018 for “apparent contraventions” of the Municipal Elections Act in reporting his 2018 election campaign finances. Story here

  • Councillor Beros was also investigated in 2015 and an external investigator's report concluded “it was more likely than not” he had “engaged in conduct amounting to sexual harassment and abusive conduct" towards an employee.

  • Story here

Given this behaviour should Councillor Beros continue be Vice-Chair of the Richmond Hill Budget Committee? Or Chair of the Richmond Hill Public Library Board? Or Alternate Regional Councillor? Demand Change!

Ward 2 Councillor Tom Muench

  • Councillor Muench was caught on camera trespassing on a Ward 2 resident's property without permission. Story here

  • This is the same Councillor who got aggressive with a driver last November. Video here

  • And the same Councillor who had three Code of Conduct complaints against him in 2018 including abusive behaviour towards an employee and misleading residents. Story here

Councillor Muench's trespassing and continued aggressive behaviour towards residents should not be tolerated by Council or the residents of Richmond Hill! Demand Change!

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