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What's up at the next Richmond Hill Council Meeting?

Richmond Hill Council Meeting Wednesday May 12, 2021 at 9:30am

Items of Interest Include:

Richmond Hill 2020 School Board By-election Survey Results

  • Presentation by Dr. Nicole Goodman, Director at the Centre for e-Democracy and Associate Professor at Brock University

2021 Operating Forecast Q1

  • Council will be receiving an update to the City’s 2021 Year End Operating Forecast

  • The Operating Fund is anticipated to result in a net deficit of $5.06 million due to COVID-19, which is directly attributed to a 44% decline in non-tax revenues.

  • The impact has been mitigated through measures implemented by management and funding support from the Federal and Province governments, through the Safe Restart Agreement funding program.

  • Staff anticipate the combination of the recently announced $5.58 million as well as any remaining unused funding from 2020 will provide the necessary relief to mitigate the currently anticipated deficit.

2022 Capital and Operating Budget Strategy

  • Council will also receive the 2022 Budget Strategy highlighting the anticipated budget pressures that the City will face in 2022 and provide a timetable and guidelines for the development of the 2022 Capital Budget, Operating Budget and the Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Budgets.

  • The 2022-2024 Financial Outlook, includes the potential financial impacts from Covid-19.

    • The Outlook outlines the financial pressures, growth factors and the estimated impacts from Covid-19 in order to provide for a tax rate impact projection.

    • The financial outlook projects a tax rate increase of 4.58% in 2022.

    • The increase provides for base budget pressures, the continued phase-in of an investment income reduction and the public works enhancement program (includes windrow service) and more notably, the anticipated impact of Covid-19 on the City’s Recreation program in 2022.

  • Based on the 2022-2024 Financial Outlook, the City forecasts a 1.63% tax rate equivalent pressures for business as usual services, before consideration of the Covid19 impact to Recreation programs, for the 2022 Operating Budget.

    • The 2022 projected budget increase reflects the anticipated challenges on City’s resources through base, legislative or growth/service enhancement pressures.

    • From discussions with the Chair (Joe DiPaola) and Deputy Chair (Greg Beros) of the Budget Committee, staff are being directed to bring forward a 0% tax rate increase budget.

    • Staff will endeavor with best efforts to limit expense spending through continuous improvement and efficiencies.

See below if you want to make or submit any comments regarding the agenda items.

Public Comments: The public may submit written correspondence regarding agenda matters by email to Written correspondence must be submitted by 12 p.m. Tuesday May 11th.

Electronic Delegations: The public may apply to appear as an electronic delegation by video conference or by telephone. Applications to appear as an electronic delegation must be submitted by 12 p.m. Tuesday May 11th by email to or by using the on-line form. The Office of the Clerk will provide instructions on appearing as an electronic delegation.

Public Forum: Any person who wishes to speak to Council on a matter not on the agenda must pre-register with the Office of the Clerk by 12 p.m. Tuesday May 11th by email to or by using the on-line form. Public Forum will be by video conference via the internet or telephone only. A maximum of five persons will be allowed to register for the Public Forum on a first come first serve basis.

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