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Why are there Joe DiPaola signs all over Richmond Hill?

According to his website Richmond Hill Regional Councillor Joe DiPaola is hosting his 2nd Annual Charity Golf Classic on September 16th at Meadowbrook Golf and Country Club located in Whitchurch-Stouffville in support of Newmarket based charity Abuse Hurts.

Joe DiPaola's wife Charity McGrath DiPaola is a Director at Abuse Hurts.

Joe DiPaola is hosting a golf tournament on September 16th while all City-led and Council festivals and events are cancelled until September 30 to protect the community and stop the spread of COVID-19 including the annual Mayor's Golf Tournament that raises thousands of dollars for local charities.

Ask yourself and ask Joe DiPaola

1. Are Richmond Hill residents paying for these signs whose only purpose seems to be to promote Joe DiPaola?

Why is this golf tournament happening when all other City events and Councillor events are cancelled to protect the community?

3. Why are the proceeds going to a charity where Joe Dipaola's wife is a Director? Is this conflict or interest?

4. Why are Richmond Hill residents not invited to participate in this golf tournament?

5. Why is a Richmond Hill Regional Councillor and Deputy Mayor hosting a golf tournament in Whitchurch Stouffville for a charity based in Newmarket and not supporting local charities and golf courses?

Instead of supporting a Richmond Hill based charity for abused women and children such as Yellow Brick House or 360 Kids and one of Richmond Hill's 5 golf courses through these difficult pandemic times, Joe DiPaola's 2nd Annual Golf Classic supports other communities and does nothing to benefit Richmond Hill charities, businesses or residents.

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