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UPDATE: York Region wants the ability to remove lands from the Oak Ridges Moraine

Updated October 9, 2020

The request for a Provincial process to allow municipalities to convert protected lands from ‘Countryside’ to ‘Employment lands’ along the 400 series highways including the 404 was APPROVED by Regional Council.

Mayor Barrow and the 2 Richmond Hill Regional Councillors Joe DiPaola and Carmine Perrelli all voted to approve the motion.

Almost 200 individuals and organization submitted correspondence against this proposal.


According to a staff report being presented to York Regional Council on October 8th, York Region will continue to advocate to the Province for the ability to remove lands from the Greenbelt Plan for employment uses, when deemed necessary, while protecting natural heritage features.

In Richmond Hill the proposed area is situated on the Oak Ridges Moraine from 19th Avenue north to Bloomington Road currently with a Land Use designation of "countryside".

Richmond Hill wants this designation changed to "settlement" which would allow urban uses such as a range of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional uses.

A point of interest is that this also encompasses the area for which Councillor Perrelli had requested a Ministers' Zoning Order back in May 2020 which was not granted.

If you wish to submit a letter or request to speak to a Committee about this item, the submission must be received by the Regional Clerk no later than noon Wednesday October 7th. Reference Agenda Item H.2.2

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