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You asked? CAG Answers! Who hires City Manager

You asked who will hire the next Richmond Hill City Manager?

The next Richmond Hill City Manager will be appointed by a majority vote of Council. They serve at “the pleasure of Council”.

What is the role of the City Manager?

The City Manager serves as the chief executive of city government. They have full managerial authority for the daily operation of municipal government and for managing its staff, as well as carry out administrative policies and implements the resolutions of the council.

The major responsibilities of the City Manager are:

  1. Administering the business affairs of the municipality

  2. Providing direction to city employees

  3. Directing the development of corporate policies and programs

  4. Ensuring City Council receives the appropriate reports and information necessary for decision-making

  5. Helping City Council develop a corporate strategic plan

  6. Directing the general financial control of all departments and ensuring City Council has the annual estimates of revenue and expenditures

  7. Co-ordinating and directing collective bargaining with all employees, and recommending to City Council agreements concerning wage, salaries, benefits and working conditions

  8. Once City Council has approved the agreements, directing the administration of the agreements

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