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You Asked? CAG Answers! Purpose of Integrity Commissioner

What is the purpose of the Integrity Commissioner (IC)?

An Integrity Commissioner reports to council and is responsible for performing in an independent manner, the functions assigned by the municipality with respect to the application of a code of conduct for members of council and the application of any procedures, rules and policies of the municipality governing the ethical behaviour of members of council. For more info click here:

How much does the Integrity Commissioner get paid?

The 2020 Draft Operating Budget shows $33,000 for the IC the same as the 2019 Budget. See draft 2020 budget Page 13:

According to City Staff, Richmond Hill paid an annual retainer fee of $12,000 plus a $300-an-hour rate for the former integrity commissioner’s service totalling $64,582 in 2019.

Why is Council the final authority for appointing the IC?

A municipality’s powers to appoint an Integrity Commissioner are set out in the Ontario Municipal Act.

What is the legislation regarding the IC?

Ontario Municipal Act view section starting at 223.3 find it at this link:

In the past has RH Council accepted the recommendations of the IC?

See the RH Integrity Commissioner Investigation Results (note the list is not complete)

Can the province change the rules for IC? Make IC recommendations binding?

Yes they could through changing the Ontario Municipal Act.

Can the Ombudsman help?

The Provincial Ombudsman cannot overturn decisions of elected officials or direct them on public policy or replace or redo the work of local integrity commissioners or ombudsmen (once they have completed their work, they can review the process they followed) See link to Ontario Ombudsman website here:

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