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You Asked? CAG Answers! Community and Cultural Grants

At the January 22, 2020 Council meeting a motion was put forth to not approve issuing any 2020 Community and Cultural Grants.

You asked what are the Richmond Hill Community and Cultural Grants?

In February 2015, Council approved the new Community and Cultural Grant Program with an annual funding allocation of $65,000. The purpose of the program is to provide project funding to community and cultural organizations and individual artists whose projects support a more vibrant Richmond Hill through the delivery of programs, services or activities.

Click this link for more information about the Community and Cultural Grant Program:

You asked if anything can be done to fight the motion to stop the issuing of the Community and Cultural Grants?

Write letters to Council and go to the Feb. 12th Council meeting to show your support for this program and for the organizations that requested grant funding.

Council directed staff to advise all potential grant recipients that they should consider attending the Feb, 12th Council meeting to answer any questions Members of Council may have.

A list of the 2020 grant projects and recommendations can be found at:

Jan 22 Council Meeting Minutes:

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