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You asked? RH Councillors Answer! Councillor Carmine Perrelli

You asked the following questions so CAG sent to all Councillors. CAG received the responses below from Councillor Carmine Perrelli.

Questions asked were about the motion on Climate Change, Indigenous Land Acknowledgement and Fire Safety.

Councillor Perrelli’s response: When I first learned of your group, I sent an email informing yourself and the other co-organizers that I would be happy to attend the next meeting to give residents the opportunity to ask any and all questions of myself, as the Regional Councillor.

This offer was made so that everyone would have the opportunity to ask their questions directly to me and receive a response, directly from me. This format would allow for clarification, follow up questions and answers, and would eliminate the possibility of any unfortunate misinterpretations of my answers.

The response I received from Marj Andre, Marian Nalley and yourself (Carol Davidson) was no.

The questions you have forwarded to us are very complex and I would be surprised if any member of Council would be able to respond in any meaningful way via email.

However, I will repeat my previous offer to attend in person and give residents the opportunity to ask their questions directly to this elected official.

Alternatively, all residents are always welcome to call me on the phone or meet with me in person to discuss any issue at any time. Residents input is my most important and welcomed source of information. I have always been, and will always remain, accessible to them at any time.

CAG’s response: Thank you Councillor Perrelli for responding to our email. 

We would like to suggest you organize a Town Hall meeting for the Richmond Hill residents. This certainly would give many people the opportunity to ask questions of their Regional Councillor. CAG would be very supportive of your initiative and would encourage those on our CAG database and in fact, all residents, to attend your meeting. 

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