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Your Action is Needed!

An 11-storey, 122 unit high-density, high-rise building is proposed for Bayview Avenue near Snively St. just south of Bloomington Rd.

The Ward 1 Residents Group is seeking your support by voicing your objection to this proposal!

Send an email with your objection to the City Clerk and Planner.

To receive an easy to complete email letter template send a request to and they will happily provide one.

A Public Meeting on the proposal is scheduled for Wed. October 7 at 7:30pm

View Agenda here including information about this proposal.

According to the staff report some of the comments on this proposal provided by the City Development Planning Division include:

  • the proposed high-density, high-rise building is not a permitted use within the Neighbourhood designation

  • the proposed density of 111 units per hectare significantly exceeds the maximum density of 50 units per hectare within the Neighbourhood designation

  • the proposed building height of 11 storeys greatly exceeds the maximum building height of 4 storeys permitted for lands fronting on arterial roads within the Neighbourhood designation

  • development is proposed within the Natural Core designation of the lands which is not permitted

Note your objection has to be sent before October 7, 2020. To be officially recorded, letters of objection to this development must be sent to the Richmond Hill Clerk and the assigned Planner.

Together residents will have a strong voice in responsible development sensitive to the environment of Oak Ridges Moraine lands.

Let’s grow our community together.

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