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Your Words Matter! Infill developments in established residential neighbourhoods

The draft Richmond Hill Affordable Housing Strategy is being presented to council on May 4, 2021. The report includes recommended actions for "gentle density in established residential areas".

Unfortunately while residents are waiting for this housing strategy to be implemented, hopefully by 2023, infill development is occurring at an alarming rate in established residential areas.

Instead of the "gentle density" that fits the area there are monster homes and townhouses being crammed into neighbourhoods changing these established areas forever. Each time a monster home or townhouse complex is approved another opportunity is missed to build a variety of affordable "missing middle" housing options to suit the needs of Richmond Hill residents.

Some communities such as Hamilton have so-called "monster" home bylaw, which has been upheld by LPAT, limiting house heights and lot coverage. Is this something that should be included in the RH Affordable Housing Strategy?

CAG asked the Mayvern Area Residents Association (MARA) to reach out to residents to ask what they thought about infill developments happening in their neighbourhoods.

Here are some of their responses:

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