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Your Words Matter! Councillor led Customer Service "Survey" upsets Richmond Hill residents

On September 14th Councillor Carmine Perrelli sent out another one of his "surveys".

In this survey he wants to know if "you ever had to call Access Richmond Hill, contact a City Department or a member of Council? Were you treated courteously, was your request dealt with in a timely manner, were you satisfied with the overall customer service?"

Keep in mind that as with all of Perrelli's surveys you have to provide your contact information on his website in order to answer the survey and we will likely never see the true survey results.

Richmond Hill resident Pat Pollock had this to say upon receiving the Perrelli survey flyer in the mail:

On the many occasions I have contacted the city, NEVER have I had discourteous service, NEVER have I been unhappy with their timely fashion of answering my questions or concerns. The only time I have been unhappy with the service is from a group of councillors who NEVER RETURN my emails and NEVER reach out to me to talk to my delegations, submissions nor questions. In fact, two of them (Perelli and Beros walked out on two delegations that I gave at council. Those are the people who are discourteous and disrespectful, not employees who work for the City. After watching the September 8, 2021 meeting of Council, those are the two who bullied, disrespected, mistreated Mayor Barrow. Why this survey BY ONE COUNCILLOR AGAINST A STAFF WHO WORK SO HARD FOR THE PUBLIC TO COUNTER HIS BEHAVOUR?


Richmond Hill resident Howard Doughty sent the below to Councillor Perrelli in response to the survey email he received: Please do not contact me again with one of your phony "surveys." I am a CITIZEN not a customer! I will file my complaint at the ballot box. You insult me and the hard-working staff with your nonsense. As a resident, taxpayer, and a former municipal government employee (sequential summers as a manual labourer in the Traffic Engineering, Roads, and Parks departments of the Township of Scarborough, 1963-1966), I know how to file complaints through the proper administrative channels and thereby also permit employees their rights of due process under the provisions of their union's collective bargaining agreement. I will not raise any issues (real or imagined) through your office, which is plainly interested in achieving political advantage and not in improving public service. Howard A. Doughty PS: Under what authority do you continue to call yourself "deputy mayor"?


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