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YR Committee of the Whole May 14-Municipal Comprehensive Review

Here is the Agenda for the York Region Committee of the Whole meeting at 9am on May 14th. Live streaming of the public session of Council meetings is available on the day of the meeting from 9 a.m. until the close of the meeting.

Included in the agenda is a Municipal Comprehensive Review Update (MCR)

The Province was expected to release a revised Land Needs Assessment methodology in Q1 2020, and a new Growth Plan Schedule 3 (population and employment forecasts) by summer 2020. Both of these documents are key inputs to the MCR. With respect to the Land Needs Assessment methodology, the Province has advised that upper and single-tier municipalities are required to utilize this updated methodology which, at the time of writing this memorandum, has not yet been released by the Province. Despite delays in the release of the revised Land Needs Assessment methodology, staff remain optimistic that updated Schedule 3 population and employment forecasts will be released by the Province by summer 2020.

Reporting on the Municipal Comprehensive Review will continue to come forward to Council in 2020. The following reports were targeted for Committee of the Whole in Q2 2020:

  • Natural Heritage Planning Update - Now targeted to go to COW in June 2020

  • New Community and Designated Greenfield Area Density Update and Directions - Now targeted to go to COW in June 2020

  • Draft Updated Vision for York Region - Will now be presented to Council in Q4 2020

  • Planning for Employment and ageEmployment Land Conversion Requests Directions Report - Will now be presented to Council in fall 2020

Prior to reporting back to Council on Employment Planning, including employment land conversion requests, a Public Information Centre is required. Staff anticipate holding the Public Information Centre virtually before the summer and discussions with local municipal planning staff are ongoing.


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